‘New Arrivals, Old Encounters’

‘The god they worshipped lay in the soil, not in the sky.’

Brian Aldiss

In many traditional cultures, the various elements of nature (e.g. river, forest, rain, sky, stars, animals, etc.) are each imbued with its corresponding soul, spirit and sacredness. This intense relation with the elements of nature makes a significant difference in human relations with nature, in particular in the greater respect for other beings and how events toward nature are perceived.

Paula Franco Moreira and Cristina Inoue, ‘Many worlds, many nature(s), one planet: indigenous knowledge in the Anthropocene’, REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE POLÍTICA INTERNACIONAL 59(2) (2017), 1-19 (pp. 16-17).

‘New Arrivals, Old Encounters’, the first story in the eponymous collection by Brian Aldiss, moves and feels a little like a poem, portentous repetitions and subtle imagery telling in very few words a brutal tale about a beautiful world. Strong recommendation.


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